A 2 Day programme that transfers the skill of SCQuARE via an interactive case study driven blend of theory and practical work that is highly participative and engaging.

The programme can also be tailored to include client specific cases. SCQuARE is invaluable for anybody who has the task to create and sell plans either inside their organisation or externally.

What will you get out of it?

  • Advanced analytical, creative and selling techniques used by many of the world’s leading management consultants
  • A fool-proof framework to provide all of the elements necessary to put together a compelling strategy and presentation
  • The confidence to deliver in front of the most demanding audience

What can you use SCQuARE for?

  • The creation of any plan or proposal
  • The facilitation of meetings
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Creating selling stories and presentations
  • Now includes new iSCQuARE; ‘The technology that writes your plans as you think’, our new online tool that embeds SCQuARE training permanently

I now understand why in SCQuARE you separate the thinking and story writing of a plan from presentation skills. Confidence as a presenter comes from not just understanding how to project your voice and engage your audience. Real confidence comes from the knowledge that your presentation is rock solid in its thinking, and you’re actually looking forward to the questions.

Claire Chapman formerly CPO Tesco, current Head of HR NHS

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